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Projects are different from Workshops in that they are something that either takes a long time or that we have never done before - so we are approaching them one step at a time rather than teaching an established workflow.

Individual projects are very welcome, please feel free to share what you're making! You never know, even the smallest bit of information might help someone who is completely stuck in a similar project - or maybe an interesting contest pops up and you'll already have everything ready to join...

To create a project page, simply begin the page title with Project: - it will then automatically appear on this page. Please add a "ProjectInfoBox" as well to improve the linking of pages and maintain a principal structure.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Community Projects[edit | edit source]

Projects for the Heidelberg Makers community, e.g. improvements of this wiki!

DAI Makerspace Projects[edit | edit source]

Projects that may be lead by single makers, but ultimately benefit the DAI Makerspace. Help is always welcome!

Individual Projects[edit | edit source]

Projects you are doing on your own - writing about it may help you stay focused and let other Makers learn from it!

All Projects[edit | edit source]

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