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The DAI Makerspace provides several sewing machines and one sewing and embroidery machine. You are welcome to use those machines after an introduction from an experienced sewer and upon reading the corresponding manual. This ensures that problems can be solved quickly and the machines will keep working for a long time.

A great opportunity to learn how to sew is the international sewing workshop on Tuesday afternoons - also feel free to sign up for the sewing mailing list to discuss projects and meetings or simply stay up to date.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Documented Machines[edit | edit source]

Materials[edit | edit source]

We have some fabric pieces (e.g. old bed sheets, curtains and clothes) at the DAI Makerspace that are free to use. Further donations are always welcome. These fabrics are mostly for practice or small needlework (e.g. stuffed animals).

If you want to work on a larger project you will probably have to bring your own fabric though you can of course have a look at the fabric we have first. There is one nearby shop that sells fabric and sewing machines (Nähzentrum Heidelberg) and one shop that sells fabric (Stoff-Ideen). Both are located in the Plöck and are thus very close. There are also other shops that sell fabric in Heidelberg, e.g. Rohrbach.

We also have thread in basic colors that you can use. If you want special colors you need to buy those. Thread can be bought in the same shops mentioned above. When you are done with your project and still have thread we would be happy if you left it in the Makerspace as a donation.

Also see "haberdashery" for small sewing tools and parts (DE: Kurzwaren).

Patterns[edit | edit source]

We already have some patterns that you can use in the Makerspace. We are always happy to enlarge this collection. So if you have patterns you don't use anymore you are very welcome to donate them.

Things to Consider for all Sewing Machines[edit | edit source]

Before Sewing[edit | edit source]

Please make sure you know how to use the machine you are sitting in front of. You can find some information on this Wiki. For further information you can have a look at the respective manual.

After Sewing[edit | edit source]

Unplug the machine when you have a larger break or are done sewing.

When you are done with sewing for the day please clean the machine to get rid of lint (DE: Fussel). To do so use a brush and clean the needle plate. Also take out the bobbin (DE: Spule) of the lower thread and use the brush to get rid of lint.

Depending on the machine you need to clean and oil the machine at different parts more or less regularly. Please have a look at the manual or on the Wiki-page of the sewing machine.

Last but not least please put a piece of fabric on the needle plate, insert the needle and put down the pressure foot.

All the above ensures that the machine will keep on running as smoothly as it is supposed to. So thanks for your help!

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

This talk on how to repair or modify your clothing might give some inspiration.

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