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Some pressing issues in the DAI Makerspace need to be taken care of, e.g. #117 (creating sheet material storage solutions), various cleaning and documentation tasks, and maybe a repair or two.

These jobs don't always tend to be fun, but you can learn a lot in the process and there will be free drinks for those helping! We might also use the kitchen and throw a few pizzas into the oven, let's see :-)

The more the merrier, once the storage problems are reduced we can add a bunch of stuff that's sitting idly in the "inventorization" drawer right now...

As usual, running a 3D print or a long laser engraving job on the side is okay, but the focus should lie on improving the DAI Makerspace.




DAI Makerspace




20:00 till late


only for work on issues


everything; occasionally noise tolerance

(what's an "event"?)