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(deutsche Version auf unseren facebook- und Meetup-Seiten!)

We cordially invite you to a CAD workshop with Fusion 360 from Autodesk!

Prior experience with CAD (computer aided design, creating 3D models) is not required but please bring your own laptop with the program already installed (get the free trial here).

Like many Autodesk products, Fusion 360 is free to use during a 30 day test period or even forever if you are using it for non-commercial purposes. As far as we know, the software is Windows and Mac compatible - if you can get it to run on Linux and show us how, you'll get free drinks! ;-)

Later (maybe even on the same day) you can realize your designs on a 3D printer, the laser cutter or the Stepcraft CNC mill, so don't hesitate to come with your own ideas if you are already thinking about a project! We will design a laptop table as an example.

Presentation Slides[edit | edit source]

Eddel was so nice to give us his presentation - you can find it here in our GitHub repository.


Eddel, Lukas


DAI Makerspace






yes, guests welcome!


main room, laser cutter



(what's an "event"?)