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If you want a page to appear in our community calendar, it should be defined as an event. Besides the templates described below, an event page should contain the exact time/duration of the event (or your best guess), its location, and a way to find out more, e.g. via the organizers or an external link. You may want to have a look at an existing event page as an example.

DAI Makerspace[edit | edit source]

A calendar entry is needed for every activity in the DAI Makerspace that would block entire areas or otherwise impose limitations on other Makers to make sure we can share what little space there is in the best way possible. The organization team will mediate in the community's best interest if scheduling conflicts cannot be settled by the event supervisors themselves.

Event Templates[edit | edit source]

We have written templates to make it as easy as possible to add an event to the calendar. Documentation for each type of event template can be found on the pages listed below - please comment on the corresponding discussion pages if anything is left unclear.

Additionally, please add


to the bottom of your page if applicable. This way, the new page will automatically be linked to the workshops page.