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Unfortunately, the basement was rented out as cafeteria for a big event long ago and it will need to happen, regardless of the fact that we've done a lot with the room in the meantime. The Makerspace will not be usable at all until the Weekly Making Hours on Feb 1st, not even the small rooms in the back!

To make sure everything goes smoothly, we will need to stow away any mobile equipment during the Making Hours on Jan 25th and Jasper will take care of hanging curtains in front of pretty much every wall and wall-mounted thing in the main room.


DAI (talk to Jasper or Lukas)


every 1 day(s) since Jan 29, 2017 except (see calendar)


no - Makerspace not usable



(what's an "event"?)

Mobile Objects[edit | edit source]

Among the things we'll need to move into the bar/photo area or into the workshop are:

  • fridge
  • fabric boxes
  • garbage boxes
    • could finally be finished while we're at it - add casters and screw together (except paper bin)
  • table saw
  • things in the parking area (some are expired anyway!)
  • books
  • bench in front of the bar

We will move a bunch of the larger things into the passage to the back to act as an additional barrier and take photos of everything.

The outlet boxes from the ceiling will have to be hung as high as they go.

Things to Cover Up[edit | edit source]

These things would be a pain to move and will instead be covered by curtains:

  • everything wall-mounted (shelves, signs & decoration)
  • bigger things (e.g. project shelf & file cabinet) close to the wall
  • wood supply

In short, every wall will be covered - possibly with the exception of the one with the windows as that's the emergency exit. Curtains will obstruct the lights anyway but since there is also a fire hazard they must stay turned off, so we should see if we can block or lock the switches.

Things Used During the Event[edit | edit source]

  • tables

Uncertain[edit | edit source]

  • chairs
  • couch area
  • everything under/around the windows (may not be able to cover that up as it's the emergency exit!)
    • e.g. hack rack, audio cabinet, decoration