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Make Your Own LED Cube[edit | edit source]

Ledcube 1.jpeg

There is a new workshop coming up with a completely redesigned LED holder for soldering.

In this workshop everyone made her or his own battery powered LED Cube. The middle LED has got a built-in IC so it changes color.

Luzian's version of the LED Cube contains

  1. 13x LEDs
    1. 6x red, 3 mm
    2. 6x green, 3 mm
    3. 1x RGB, 5 mm
  2. 1x switch
  3. 1x 9 V clip with cables
  4. 1X 9 V battery
  5. 1x 3D printed baseplate
  6. hot glue
  7. heat shrink tubing

If you want to make one yourself just write an eMail to Luzian so he can bring all necessary materials (material costs: 2.50 ?) and tools.

Here you can find all files for 3D printing.

The design is based on an article in [1].




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