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  • Pegboard

  • Blind school project poster

  • Our wood supply

  • 3D printed board game pieces

Welcome to the Heidelberg Makers community! This wiki is the place to go for instructions and inspirations regarding all the tools and materials you might find yourself working with, no matter whether you are looking for help with a project of your own or want to share your wisdom with the community.

Besides general information, many pages will also let you know where you can find shared tools or materials - ready to use in your very neighborhood!

By definition, the wiki will always be a work in progress - feel free to create and improve content and crosslink pages that may be tough to find. Let us know if you are having trouble getting started, we are always happy to help. And now, enjoy your visit!

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[[Warum_wir_auf_Englisch_schreiben|40px-Flag of Germany + UK (icon).png]] Warum wir auf Englisch schreiben und wie du auch ohne zurechtkommst

[[Category_Projects|40px-Projects-icon.svg.png]] Projects look what I made!

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|width="33%"|{| !width="100%"|Documentation |- |[[Do-It-Yourself_Biology|40px-DIYbio-logo.jpg]] Do-It-Yourself Biology DIYbio, biohacking, biology...

[[Category_Hardware|40px-Tools-icon.svg.png]] Hardware available tools and machines

[[Category_Software|40px-Software-default.png]] Software keeping our computers busy

[[Materials|40px-Materials-icon-square.png]] Materials and which tools are appropriate for them

[[Category_Electronics|40px-Electronics-icon-square.png]] Electronics Arduino, sensors, etc.

[[Category_Milling|40px-Milling-icon.svg.png]] Milling CNC or manual milling |} |width="33%"|{| !width="100%"|DAI Makerspace |- |[[Category_Facilities|40px-Location-icon.svg.png]] Facilities in the DAI basement (Sofienstr. 12, Heidelberg)

[[Weekly_Making_Hours|40px-Calendar-icon.svg.png]] Weekly Making Hours every Wednesday, 6-10 pm

[[Project_Building_the_DAI_Makerspace|40px-Tools-icon.svg.png]] Building the DAI Makerspace the story so far and how you can help

[[3D_Printer_Farm|40px-3dprinting-icon.svg.png]] 3D Printer Farm printing and scanning

[[Laser_Cutter|40px-Laser cutting plywood.jpeg]] Laser Cutter cutting or engraving

[[Category_Sewing|40px-Sewing-icon2.svg.png]] Sewing and Embroidery check out the International Sewing Workshop! |} |}

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Upcoming community events can be viewed on a separate events page.