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As demo'ed during last weeks Maker Hours, I'd offer a workshop to build a Smart Mirror along the tutorial at [1] .

Daniel and Lukas are inviting everyone interested to a day of building personal smart mirrors.

The workshop is free as always, but participants are asked to bring their own materials (based on a previously distributed shopping list). (The most important components cost around 320 EUR - monitor, mirror & RPi) Please donate for machine use, of course.

More details to come (also via the next newsletter)!

Please sign up on the bottom of the page, if you are interested in attending,

Event Details[edit | edit source]


Daniel, Lukas


Not yet fixed, in March/April

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yes, guests are welcome!


everything, especially dealing with wood tools

(what's an "event"?)

Software Used[edit | edit source]

We'll help you get started on the smart mirror with a configuration, which allows you to extend your personal mirror.

Interested in participation[edit | edit source]

Please list your name here.

Further Ideas[edit | edit source]

Please tell us more about your ideas.