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This template defines how a recurring event is organized (based on Semantic MediaWiki's #set_recurring_event parser function).

Adding it to a page automatically creates a series of calendar entries and an overview table such as the one created by Template:Event. It is not completely done yet, but works already. Have a look at Weekly Making Hours for a current implementation.

{{Recurring Event

What the Parameters Mean[edit | edit source]

  • organizer - who will be responsible for the event and can be contacted in case of questions or scheduling conflicts?
  • supervision - will someone supervise Makers who are not able to work by themselves yet (e.g. minors)?
    • will be "no" if left empty
  • requires - does the event rely on something specific, e.g. a certain room or quietness?
    • make use of this parameter to avoid conflicts!
  • url - is there an external event page you'd like to link?
    • will not appear in the table if left empty
  • title - displayed <somewhere else>, the calendar entry has the name of the page you place the template on
  • start - when will the first event take place? This needs to be in MMM DD, YYYY format (e.g. Jan 01, 2015) in order to work.
  • repetitions - how many instances of the event should be added to the calendar?
  • unit - what lies between two events? Possible values are "day", "week", "month" or "year"
    • (optional) period - how many of the units (default: 1) lie between events (e.g. "2" if your event takes place every two weeks and you entered "week" above)
    • (optional) include - which dates besides the regular rhythm should be entered (separated by semicolons)?
    • (optional) exclude - is the event going to be cancelled on any date within the regular rhythm (separated by semicolons)?
    • (optional) description - appears between the title and the info table

Recurring Event: Demonstration[edit | edit source]

This is how the template will look when rendered on a page:




every 3 week(s) since Jan 01, 2015 except Jan 22, 2015 (see calendar)


no, this is just a demo



(what's an "event"?)

Automatically creating calendar entries works as well, but "Template:" pages seem to be filtered out.

Further Development[edit | edit source]

  • improve "rhtyhm", e.g. "every Wednesday" rather than "every 1 week(s)" or have users put in into "description" by hand
  • include end date in rendering (how? would have to be calculated...)
  • find out what exactly "title" does

This template is arguably not the prettiest, got any additional ideas? The most important thing is that it works.