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Contents[edit | edit source]

Quick Bio[edit | edit source]

  • Student (M.Sc. Medical Physics, working @ dkfz Heidelberg and HIT)
  • self-employed: [1]
  • eMail: lucasraphaelmueller [ät]
  • github: [2]

Motivation[edit | edit source]

Is about to come.

Projects[edit | edit source]

I like working with wood quite a lot, also into electronics and programming, but since that's what I do all day long, I am into making something solid out of wood.

  • outdoor sofa
  • (done) garden table

I would also be happy to help finishing the French Cleat here.

Event[edit | edit source]

Power tools in use. Eveien please write me! There was nobody here yesterday (Monday).






10:00 to 16:00

(what's an "event"?)

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