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that's me.

I took over as main organizer of the DAI Makerspace from Niamh in January 2016. Before that, I helped Ciaran build the 3D printer farm and began organizing occasional events and workshops related to 3D printing, CAD and "making" in general.

After two fun years of learning, teaching, and establishing the DAI Makerspace, I took a few months off and then got busy again with the CoMakingSpace. I'm still a member of both so don't hesitate to get in touch :-)

Contents[edit | edit source]

Quick Bio[edit | edit source]

  • biologist (ecotoxicologist)
  • eMail: lukas.freeze [ät]
  • Thingiverse: LokusArts

Motivation[edit | edit source]

I always knew I liked to build and assemble things, but never thought of myself as very creative until I built my first 3D printer and began to understand CAD programs. Many other techniques are following all the time and I believe that knowing how to work with a material automatically leads to tons of ideas what to do with it. Therefore, learning and teaching is the main advantage of community workshops like the Makerspace in my eyes (closely followed by all the cool stuff you couldn't afford on your own).

Besides coming up with new ideas, knowing even just a few basic methods and tools enables everyone to repair and recycle their stuff more efficiently, reducing the amount of waste our modern society likes to generate.

Projects[edit | edit source]

I especially like combining different materials, upcycling "waste" and incorporating natural materials into my projects. A continuous effort of mine is creating content and structure for this wiki to equip other Makers (especially those around Heidelberg) with a good starting point for their own projects.

My biggest DAI Makerspace project has been building the DAI Makerspace and improving access, e.g. via "Weekly Making Hours" and the membership (formerly "Lvl2 Makers") concept. I also worked on small personal or laboratory projects when I could find time for that.

Future projects will likely revolve around jigs and self-made tools - maybe after some of these are wrapped up:

"Location: Lukas"[edit | edit source]

Many of my personal tools used to be found in the DAI Makerspace, but due to the unclear insurance situation I have taken them into my custody again. They are still meant to be available to the Maker community, just ask me how you can access something listed with me as its location!

Just like you, I hope this is only temporary and the tools can be made public again.

Next Time in the DAI Makerspace[edit | edit source]

I occasionally have time to visit the DAI Makerspace and offer supervision and guidance when I'm there!


see above ;-)


DAI Makerspace




18:00 to 21:00


depends - please send me an eMail in advance!


laser cutter

(what's an "event"?)

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